Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 13, 2017

Ya, this week was psycho. so me and my companion are opening an area, so we get here, neither of us know the area at all, we dont have a map, we dont have a list of the members, we dont know any of the members, we dont have a food calendar, which wouldnt be a big deal, except people are planning on us coming to their house and we dont know who they are or where they live. there are a ton of tourists here, and since me and my companion are both white its really hard not to look like tourists, its like we are rich americans in our nice clothes invading their country, i dont think the majority of the population thinks that, but the drunk old men do, and they sure like to let us know it. people tell me my spanish is better than my trainers, which is flattering, but problematic since he's my trainer, sometimes i feel like im training myself. also, our phone stopped charging so we couldnt contact anyone, while our phone was dead we were trying to find the stake center, which is like 2 hours away, on a bus, we werent sure if it was the right bus, and there was a huge detour so we ended up out in ¨Nam and there were cows and jungle and no people and it was scary, but we ended up getting where we needed to go, just a couple hours late. another time we got on a bus going up the hill instead of down the hill, and he gets to the top of this hill, in the middle of the jungle, and tells us to get off because its the end of his route and its his lunch time, so we ended up chilling with him while he ate his lunch and then he took us back down the hill. We have only taught two people so far, we spend most of our time trying to find where investigators live, which is hard because our area is ginormous, i think its the biggest area in the mission. We walk up and down cobblestone hills all day which is awesome (not) and we street contact people, it has been hard, but it will get better. the food is good. my favorite part is these rope bridges in the jungle going over the river, i jump and it makes the whole bridge swing, its kinda like in shrek, my companion is donkey, he doesnt like it very much when i do that. We dont eat dinner in mexico, just like cereal for breakfast and a big lunch with the members and thats it, so im hungry a lot. Im not sure if thats normal for mexico or if my companion just likes to work hard, but its whatever.  My comp is named elder stubbs. he is kinda short, thick built, not super thick, just thicker than me, his spanish is ...functional, i like him, this week has been really really hard so i havent been super talkative, we dont know each other super well yet, hes from provo, he played football and i actually dont really know anything about him. I will send pictures of my apartment next week, its pretty junky, but we have hot water and thats all i need. Let me know whats going on up north. cya

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