Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 27, 2017

I am writing this each night, kinda like my journal, so it might be confusing and scatterbrained but here goes.
Today was really good, it was sunday and we had a super awesome lesson about the atonement.  Some of today's good quotes are "the gospel is simple but not easy" "Christ is the author of our salvation" we watched the feed my sheep video by Elder Holland and it was awesome.
 Today elder Francom sprained his ankle so we were way late to lunch and didn't get much food which was lame. We hung out with a lot of Latinos which was super fun because Latinos are a party and it's fun town to practice our Spanish. I ate cinco pieces of pizza today. It was pretty wild. We bonded super close with the Latinos at our table which was funtown. I had a pretty sweet practice lesson with elder andrus today. He's an elder from another district but I wish he was from my district because he's a stud (he wrote that part). There was also a devotional where the area seventy spoke. He asked us some deep provoking questions like how we're going to become more faithful and also how we are going to be blessed from our missions.
 I taught a book of Mormon lesson to our district and nobody said anything so it was kinda lame. I have the world's worst headache at the moment. Today we went to a broadcast to all the missionary that changed the schedule and there were a bunch of good quotes, we can now study whenever we want throughout the day, lunch is only half an hour now, and p day is longer. 
"You can't teach repentance until you practice repentance" "be humble enough to turn unto Christ and depend on him, don't be afraid to share the gospel, fear is the opposite of faith, and it is selfish" "our testimony is not what we say, it's what we are."
 I am a zone leader now so that's rad I guess. There's 6 Hermanas and only 4 elders so idk how to help them, but we'll see how it goes. Today we helped the new district learn Spanish and they are so so so lost, I feel bad and I don't really know what to teach them, but me and Elder Oldroyd taught them how to pray and some other basic stuff which was fun.  We ate dinner with the Latinos again, we've been doing it all week and we're getting pretty close which was awesome. We had a funny conversation trying to explain the difference between weed and wheat to the Latinos. They always teach us fun tongue twisters that ruin our lives. We did daily planning, next week is our last week in the CCM, so that's pretty cool, I feel like I'm going to get In the field and not know any Spanish, but right now I am trying my best to practice talking to Latinos to get ready. My p day is Wednesday next week so make sure you get on to chat, and then next Monday we roll out to guadalajara. We are flying instead of riding a bus, which means I have less time to sleep and I have to get my weight down on my bags because we have 90 pounds of books. 

What's going on around home momma? How's Owen? Totally potty trained? What are Kennedy and Andrew up to? Does Skye have a job yet? How's the addition looking? Does my truck work? Don't throw away my tannerite please. Do you know when my retainer is sposed to get here? My mouth hurts to eat and for no reason most of the time and it gives me headaches. How are you doing? Get any haircuts lately? How's dad? Tell him I think he's old, does he have Grey hair yet?  How's Andrew doing in school? Does he like working at dad's office? Did you and Kennedy make league of legends accounts yet? You should take all the cameras off my phone and put them on my computer or something please. Tell me whatever else is new.

Mom - "what happened to the elder's ankle?"
Elder francom landed wrong playing volleyball, that was on tuesday, but its always wrapped so the first time i saw it was yesterday, his foot is destroyed, his entire foot is purple and his ankle is the size of a softball. thats so dumb, you shouldve sent my retainer to ´puerta vallarta with kennedy and had her stop by a post office or something :p i was saying specific prayers that it would ship faster and get here, but i guess that wasnt working.
 I´m not sure what else you can do, 
  We eat a lot of chicken and rice in different sauces with different salsa, this morning i had some corn flower drink which was good. elder anderson is coming in a couple weeks, but we wont be here.I havent gotten any of your letters yet, I wonder if they lost the one you sent through email because they didnt see it and just did the package. 
Mom - "How is the mexican pizza?"
The pizza is from costco so its good and greasy and american. 
Mom - "give me info on living arrangements, how many missionaries arrived when you did, etc."
 There are 17 elders in my house, we came with like 26 people from the airport, and 50 new people got here the week i did. There was this random blonde lady at the airport that spoke perfect spanish and she helped us all get through customs and gave us a bunch of advice, then she asked our bus driver if she could hitch a ride, then she just got off the bus at the sketchiest part of the city by herself and walked off into the sunset, it was so weird but kind of cool. 4 ish per bedroom, its a party. yes, the first couple weeks i was too focused to pay attention, but two weeks ago 90 new kids came and this week 60 came. Our new district is all serving state side. 4 of them are going to provo

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