Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 19, 2017

Hey momma, things are good around here. I didnt have time to read my journal today so this email might be a little lame, but elder pacheco is way cool and is teaching me all the slang in spanish, i use it with the members and they think its really funny, to get people laughing i tell them im from yucatan and when they dont believe me i tell them im more mexican than napal, they like it. Take care of yourself. This week was good, really hot. a bunch of dumbness happened, so we have a code thing in the mission for in case someone kidnaps you or something like that, and tuesday we had district class and the district leader from the other district didnt show up. so we were all a little worried, then we get a text that says come to the house, its urgent, so we call and he answers and doesnt do his end of the code, and he says ïm locked in my room, and dont know what happened to my companion" so we get the district president and go to his house and hes hiding is his room and out the window he tells us his companion is trying to kill him, so the district president made me go in first because apparently im the biggest. i thought they were getting killed but it was all for mongol. I almost killed them both. Then we had divisions because all the leaders went to guadalajara for a training so all their compaanions and i were together and i got some parasite and was dying and the were imposing all their mexican weird beliefs about health and i wanted to kill them all. thats about it, take care momma. thanks for the email. i love you. me and elder pacheco are working a lot in the area books which i like a lot, cleaning out old stuff. and we went to a fonda which is like a restaurant, but, mexican, and you sit with strangers, its hard to explaqin, but we sat with this 17 year old girl and she prayed on the food with us and was asking us doctrine questions and were going to go visit her at her house and teach her, its going to be awesome. That was neat, idk what else.

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