Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 3, 2017

Answers to your questions...Best food, we had some fried fish that were good, Elder pacheco taught me how to suck their eyes and brains out. I made arroz con leche this morning, i used 3 liters of milk, which is a lot, but it was delicious. If you sent me recipes that dont need that many ingredients, or an oven, that would be really neat. We said a prayer before we went into the abandoned building to ask if it was a good idea, and we decided it would be fine, and it was. Its really hard for the members here to get to church because it is so far away, they used to have a house of prayer, but they closed it because the church is trying to consolidate its buildings, but our attendance is a 3rd of what it used to be because people cant afford a bus to get to the church. And the bus prices this week went up 2 pesos, which is a lot. That definitely isnt going to help our attendance. We had zone conference this week and i learned a ton of awesome stuff about how we can have more faith and how we need to push ourselves harder, do more. You probably didnt listen to the right birthday song, because the one we listened to was hecka festive. This week it started to rain. A lot. Instead of being really hot, I get the pleasure of being really wet, and still really hot. Haha so this week we contacted this guy and he was outside this house up in the hills and he mentioned like 5 times that this was his house, and if we liked his house and stuff, then he invited us in, but he had a stick that was like 8 feet long and says "this is my key" he stuck it in the window to open the back door, then he runs around and lets us in, so we go in and hes telling us hes not religious, never belonged to any church or anything. but the house had santitos and the virgen all over, and we asked if he believed in the virgin, and he said no, then looked around and got flustered and said "theyre my nephews". Then we finished the lesson and left and I say, " i dont think thats his house" and elder pacheco says "not a chance". It was way funny, so then later it was night and we see a guy climbing a balcony by our house, and we get closer and see he is cutting through the bars on the window with a hacksaw, and elder pacheco says "thats his key" in reference to the first guy we met. It was so funny. Not much happened this week, we are teaching a family of 5 and thats really cool. We had a good lesson with the 18 year old daughter, she is way smart and all scientific and isnt really sure if she believes in anything, but we taught her about prayer and it was pretty powerful. We are still working on carpetas and walking a ton, we havent found anyone new to teach in a quick minute. I love you, take care, thanks for the email. I havent gotten any packages or letters yet.

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