Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time Flies When You are having Fun!

I can't believe it is already July. When did it happen. We were in charge of g's family reunion this year, and took the easy way out with a trip to Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. We met for dinner at an Italian restaurant to get the party started. The next day we spent the day in the park. Although the weather was exceptionally hot, we did enjoy the day. With the extreme heat, we did not stay in the park as long as we had intended, but I think everyone had an okay time. It was super easy to plan, and worked well for a small group. Only 13 were able to come.
On the 25th D turned 11. Once again, I am not sure how he got so old. G took the kids to see Transformers, but found out it probably wasn't something we should see, so they settled on Up. G had a board meeting that night, so we celebrated the day in the pool, and had an ice cream roll cake at lunch with his mom and sister. The cake had a few issues, but tasted good. It was a nice relaxing day. On Saturday we went to the parade. You just can't have the 4th of July without one, even if it is a sad one. But oh, well. We then had friends over for a barbecue and swimming. We had a great time, I hope they did too. We played cards, had a vigorous game of keep away in the pool, visited, and ate. We finished the day off with watching fireworks with more friends.
We have it so easy in this land of freedom. I hope I never take it for granted, and thank all who serve our country. I appreciate all who leave their families, and those who stay behind without the daily help of a spouse. Thank you!
Good Things:
1. America
2. Days we celebrate
3. Tri tip

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