Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sew Brilliant!

So...I had this brilliant idea that my daughters needed to learn how to sew. I mean really sew! Not the easy pajama pants, or paper bag skirt, but sew. I love to sew, and think everyone should just love to as well. However, I am in reality enough to realize that not everyone does. Take for instance my sister. She is really great at a lot of things, like riding horses, and playing with her kids. She likes the idea of sewing. She loves to bring sewing projects to my house (that is when she used to visit) in hopes of me teaching her how. She also knows my level of patience, or lack thereof. You see, she secretly knows that I would much rather sew it for her while she makes dinner. Actually, I think I like this little arrangement. (Remember, that is when she visited.) So, that is what I would prefer. Just sew it for whoever. But, it is that whole, "if you teach a man to fish" theory that I am trying to accomplish. Someday, they may have to, or better yet, want to sew for their children. And although you never think you will ever be there, there is the "prom dress" problem. Sew... we are learning how to sew! I really am trying to be very patient. Hopefully there will be two dresses by Saturday. (They need a nicer dress for EFY.)

Good Things:
1. having a mom with more patience than I, who taught me to sew.
2. love of sewing
3. daughters


Sue said...

oooooo...can i jump in on these lessons?! i bought a sewing machine (thinking this would motivate me to learn), but have never actually used it! tell your girls to stay the course...they'll be glad they did. as for you--may the force be with you! can't wait to see you all soon.

Mom, Wife, and, Student said...

Can I stand in line behind Sue? I have a sewing machine and "Sewing For Dummies." However, that is as far as I have gotten and I soooo want to learn to sew.

Heidi said...

You will be great and those girls of yours really are brilliant, so I think they will do spectacularly, too! I can't wait to see the finished products.

Carters said...

I can't sew but I am attempting some reversable skirts tonight at enrichment with the hope I can bring a few to the auction. We will see. I'm pretty sure I don't sew because my patience level is low concerning such things.

bcrandall said...

Good Luck with that. Now that sister calls me for her sewing needs except I don't get dinner out of it. It will be great maybe they could sew some great auction things. I am glad my daughter is not old enough to sew. I still have plenty years to work on the patience thing except it is not going well today.

A said...

I take my projects to moms now (WHEN I VISIT) if I ever have a project. I am lucky to keep laundry done let alone projects. In a few years Im sending my girls for you to teach. See ya in a few