Monday, April 19, 2010

Run away Mia

Just when I thought the dog (mia) had the wireless shock fence figured out, she ran away again! All I can say, is that D has a lot of faith when he prays, and that Heavenly Father really does care about even the little things, like runaway dogs, and boys who love them. I am not sure how many more times this will happen, but am grateful to Heavenly Father who knows the faith and lessons that a young boy can learn when he prays and his dog comes home. Or, maybe the lesson is actually for me. Even when I don't make the best choice, Heavenly Father still loves me, and answers my prayer that a boy's prayer will be answered.

Good Things:
1. unconditional love
2. childlike faith
3. D


bcrandall said...

I still wish I had that childlike faith I think it changes as we get old.

Amy said...

I forgot to ask if Mia came back?

terra said...

Yes, where is your faith?

Lindsey said...

That darn dog! At least some good keeps coming from her running off. What a great example Davis is to all of us and you are as a mother. I enjoy your "thoughts" on the blog and wouldn't even mind hearing what you are up to all the time, but I guess that is what ice cream Sundays are for. See you in a week!