Monday, April 19, 2010

Something to say.

Sorry for the lack of blogging, or maybe no one reads me anyway. But I just haven't had anything to say. The same old stuff sometimes gets boring, and who wants to read about what we do all the time. So since I use this as a journal, I sometimes put in my thoughts and opinions. (as you may have noticed) That will come next. But here are a few...

Good Things:
1. enjoying "phantom of the opera" with k and b
2. eating really good food
3. seeing things turn green


Carters said...

This is to let you know people read your blog and it isn't boring so keep writing and posting pictures. We hope to see Kennedy's graduation pictures.

bcrandall said...

I hope that the turning green was coming up from the internal. Glad you had a good time

Beth said...

I read your blog! And I love doing so. We all have lives that are the same from day to day...sometimes that's the appeal, I think, of reading someone's blog. It reminds us how we are all in the same boat.