Sunday, June 27, 2010

The rest of the family

While B and I were at camp, everyone else was busy as well. G had the unpleasant experience of working all week, and being home alone. He didn't think that was much fun, and I think even appreciates all the noise and messes the rest of us make. I was happy to see him too, I missed him not coming up to join me for testimony meeting and clean up.
D had the time of his life with his cousins. They did all the things he and boys love. Camping, 4 wheeling, shooting, and various other things he could not get enough of. He asked to stay just one more day. Thanks, to those who made that possible, and did lots of extra driving, and cooking to feed a growing boy.
K went to Hawaii with her dance team. They had four performances, and taught workshops. They also had lots of free time for going to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which was her favorite thing, and snorkeling, Pearl Harbor, surfing, visiting the temple, and just enjoying the beach. She had a great time and is trying to talk us into Hawaii for spring break.
With everyone going there separate ways for even a week, I can see how the dynamics of our family are about to change.

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Amy said...

Poor hubby! Bet he was glad to have you home!