Sunday, June 27, 2010

Young Women Camp

I went to camp June 14-18. This time with only one daughter, B. It seemed strange to not have K with us, but I guess daughters grow up, and can't be in YW forever. G didn't get to join us either because he had to work. I also missed the Austin's due to health, and a counselor, Kenna, and her husband due to back surgery...The things people do to get out of camp! And although they were missed, we did survive without them, but had to work extra to fill their jobs, as they all just pitch in to do whatever is needed. I love help like that!
I was a bit worried about the weather situation because of the cold spring, but left it in God's hands knowing I couldn't do a thing about it...And just like always, He took care of us and gave us beautiful weather. Many from our stake went up the Saturday before and shoveled snow out of the ampitheatre and off tent pads. There were still piles around when we got there and a little mud. The days were warm and the nights cold, but I took extra blankets, and slept warmer than ever.
The theme this year was "stolen" from my sister..."Got Courage?" We focused on having the courage to stand up for what is right, and how those good decisions will lead us to the temple. The leaders were wonderful. They all took such good care of their young women. And did some really great things to teach about courage and the temple. We had great speakers, fireside, workshops, and devotionals. To all who took part, any part in the planning of camp, I thank you. It could not happen with one person. I have such great people to work with, who love the young women, and want them to feel the spirit. I know the young women felt the spirit in not only an amazing testimony meeting, but as they participated in workshops, learning, and team building experiences. My prayer is that they continue to feel and recognize the spirit in their lives, and they make the small changes that will keep them on the path to return to our Heavenly Father.

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Amy said...

YAY! I miss camp already! Thanks for all you did! It was a lot of fun! I actually liked the weather this year better than last....too hot of weather is uncomfortable!