Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just can't stay up to date!

On August 21 B and I drove to her school of choice.  I am not going to lie, I was a little worried about her.  I suppose every mother is.  Anyway, on the 19th, she received her patriarchial  blessing.  And it just so happened that it was a tender mercy...for me!.Not sure how she felt about it, but it was just what I needed to hear to send my beautiful daughter off on her own.  It was a wonderful blessing which in part, mentioned several times her goodness, purity, and virtue.  She has a wonderful life in store for her. 
So we packed the car and drove first to spend the night with Mom and Dad, and then on to school.  We met roommates, unpacked, settled, and went shopping.  We had a good bye dinner, and then it was off to the airport to send mom home.  And you would all be so proud of me,  not one tear! Not because I wasn't sad, but because it is where she is supposed to be.  This is what we raise our children to do, to be on their own.  So many opportunities for them to take advantage of.
She, unlike K, has little to say when I call her. (no, she does not call, unless you count wanting to know how to cook butternut squash.)  I am lucky to get a simple one word answer.  But from what I gather she is having a great time.  Classes, ward, roommates, eating situation, bus, etc., all "good." She doesn't seem unhappy, so I figure all is well. 
On August 31, K left to return to her college of choice.  Although classes didn't start for awhile, she wanted to get up there to have some fun and return to her social life.  She is also doing well, and I know all about her classes, and what she does on a daily basis.  She always has a great outlook on life, no matter what happens.
I am happy for both of them, and know they are where they are supposed to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.  B gets to teach relief society and K is responsible for ward prayer every Sunday. 
As for home, it is quiet here.  Some days I am all by myself until 5:30.  Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I am lonely.  Unfortunately, I am not getting lots done!  Maybe next week.
D is really liking high school.  He doesn't complain about early morning seminary, and even gets his homework done without me reminding him.  He is playing on the JV soccer team and likes riding the bus with the team?!

Good Things:
1.  growing up
2.  happiness
3.  beautiful weather


Beth said...

Great update. K and B are where they need to be and it sounds as if D is doing great too...

And on the whole, it sounds as if you are doing great, too, but it also sounds as if you might need a few more Intervention lunches.

Give me just a few more months and I will be right there with you...almost an empty house. Yikes.

Congratulations on the progress made by all.

Mary said...

Sounds like Annie and I need to come visit in the afternoon! I love your girls. Sound like they're doing great.