Saturday, September 1, 2012

End Result

The 28 day Book of Mormon Challenge is over...and I think, even somewhat successful.  It was kind of  a busy time to do it, but I have decided there is never an unbusy time for such a challenge.  It was concluded with a FHE to sum it all up with a monetary bonus for children who accomplished  the goal.  Which is how life is.  Although we are not always blessed temporally for keeping the commandments, we are always blessed spiritually.  And more often than not, those spiritual blessings end up blessing our lives temporally.  One child finished before FHE, one by midnight, and the other should be done by now.  Hopefully they will continue to read and reread for the rest of their lives. 
Now, onto  what was learned.  That we have a better grasp of the story line and where things fit in.  There really is a cycle of humility, pride, obedience, and disobedience.  Although I don't consider myself even slightly a scriptorian, I found that I at least recognized each story.  Reading can be done anytime anywhere if you download onto an electronic device, and it is actually easier to find time to read than we thought, just a matter of  priority.  Although it wasn't easy, it was a great challenge, and I think something to do every so often just to bump up our daily reading.

Good Things:
1.  Challenge
2.  Accomplishment
3.  Reaffirmed  truth

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