Thursday, March 9, 2017

February 27, 2017

 my feet and teeth are fine, im tough momma, remember :) its cuz you beat me so much growing up. This week was good,had some difficult days, but it was good. we do laundry by hands, which is why all the mexicans have strong forearms, its hard work. not even joking. we do it in a little wash basin. we met a little boy named edgar this week and he is like 10, his mom sells elotes, and then we saw him getting beat up the next day so we said "hey, stop beating up edgar", the kid was like 14, but were bffs with edgar now. Heis always in the street playing soccer so i kick it around with him for a minute, but we always have to get back to work, which sometimes mean continuing walking aimlessly on the streets because we dont have anything to do. the first 2 weeks combined we taught 2 lessons, but we are starting to get our investigators set which is really nice, more lessons means less walking. I also learned that the way the letters work here, when youre drunk "elder koenig" looks a lot like it says "if youre drunk come talk/argue/just be weird in general to me", thats not the direct translation, but you get the point. missionaries are like drunk/crazy people magnets, this week we had this guy that was talking about the godfather and like asking us if we were in the mafia and stuff, and we just sat there and talked to him because we were waiting for a member, then our member walked up in a fedora and the crazy man says "oh, so you got al capone on your team" i laughed a bit. another crazy drunk man told us he was from a family of witches, and that his whole family had just been killed by cartel hit men. and thats just a sample, there are 1000 more stories. Me and Elder stubbs made hielitos today, which are these little ice cream things, im excited to eat them later. We eat with members a lot and they always feed us really really well,  love the food here. yesterday was the weirdest day so far, i could write an entire email about yesterday, so i was sitting in ward council after church and a brother in the ward came up and whispered to me that there was someone that needed our help, so we left and there were these 2 american girls that had walked like 6 miles to find the church because their friends were sick and wanted priesthood blessings, so Hermano Saul came with us because we didnt want to be alone with a bunch of white women. So we go to find their friends and their friends had gotten kicked out of their hotel because their checkout time was noon, and we thought there was just going to be 2 more of them, so we walk up and see 6 american girls with gnarly food poinsoning just passed out on the works rockiest beach in vallarta, its not even really a beach, but the rocks are like the sizeof a loaf of bread and probably really uncomfortable to lay on, and we couldnt give them a blessing on the boardwalk with tourists everywhere, so we were trying to find out what to do and Saul says we could go to the house of his girlfriends parents, who were sposed to be feeding us anyways. so we take 6 sick american girls (they were all between 18 and 20) on a bus to this members house, and only one of these girls knew spanish, which was a nightmare. so we get to the house and give them all blessings, then saul and hermano lorenzo are going to the market to get enough food or everyone, and we couldnt stay in the house with all these girls so we went to the market on a sunday, then we went and got medicine for these girls, and they ate with us, and so we were all just in this familys house speaking english and eating their food which made me feel super bad, and i hope they didnt blame us for it because it wasnt our fault that these girls were fools, it was way random and cool to see they had so much faith, because my last thought in that situation would be to go find missionaries...and ya, that was my week. learning spanish is fun, its like playing catchphrase 24/7. The ward is way nice but we dont know them very well yet and still get lost all the time. Elder stubbs today said "show me your morning and ill show you your day, show me your day and ill show you your mission, show me your mission and ill show you your life" he was quoting someone but i thought it was pretty neat. if we study we have good days, good days equal a good mission, and if you learn everything youre supposed to on your mission youll have a good life. thats it from my side of the wall, keep me updated. 

The Chat :
"theres this investigator we are teaching named adrianna and her some is really cute, and whenever he sees us he yells "hermanos", he reminds me a lot of parker guisti, he is 4 and walks around with his mom all day while she sells donuts off her head, but her husband sells cocaine we think, he got deported and speaks english, and he said he didnt want to come to our lesson because he had to go to business stuff, then we saw some white powder and i think i figured out what his business is, but then sunday morning we were walking to church and we saw adrianne and his mom and he didnt want to talk to us, he was mad because his dad didnt come home the night before, and they didnt know where he was, his mom said he was probably out drinking. he said he might move to cancun because "she my girl but we aint married, i can do what i want". hopefully he moves out so we can baptize her, it makes me so sad that that is how adrianne is being raised, and thats what his mom subjects herself to. im glad you and dad love each other"

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