Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 6, 2017

I wanted to bear my testimony but their wasnt time. lots of people bore their testimonies which was good, we had an investigator at church, he has now been 7 times but he doesnt think he is worthy yet, the mother of his kids hangs around and is bad news and i think he is trying to stop drinking. The teaching is going alright, nobody is progressing much, and we are having a hard time finding people. we have about 8. I am reading the book of mormon every transfer, i read as much as i can when we get home at night so that i can study other stuff during study time, i am learning about how to recognize the spirit, and just getting to know the book of mormon. its pretty much my only entertainment around here. we are in a ward, it is an hour and a half across our area in a bus, and their is another little pueblo in our area about 2 hours away in the jungle, we might go their some time, im not sure, we heard the luz del mundo is snatching em up. look up that church, idk what it is but it is way popular and wayyyy apostate. some stake president said he had personal revelation that he was supposed to be the prophet, and he told the church that and they said none of them had that revelation so he started his own church. their baptismal font is outside the temple and its on the back of 12 oxen. they have a temple here. we want to go out their and teach people the truth before they get into the wrong stuff, because this church is way contentions. me and elder stubbs are buds now, we got to know each other a lot, i still kind of want a latino companion, it would just help me so much to learn more spanish. you should look up a list of spanish words i can memorize because i already memorized the whole book that they gave us in the MTC. we went on divisions this week with the district leaders in their area and people are also way nicer when you are with a latino. this week we have to go to guadalajara which is 5 hours away and tepic which is 4 hours away, so that will be a lot of long bus rides. this last week we ate with a member that has a vacation home here and is american and we went to this suuuper nice restaurant overlooking the ocean. she brought her friend, he was 86 and from england, he told us about growing up in the bomb raids during world war two, and he was a spy for MI:6 in austria and russia during the cuban missile crisis, apparently england cared about that too. it was pretty cool. not that much crazy stuff happened this week, just the normal crazy that happens in mexico. One night while i was on the phone with our district leaders giving the report i saw a spider on my sleeve, and so i was trying to shoo it off of me and it ran up me sleeve into my shirt, it was super scary, i freaked out a bit. One night we got home and there was a note on our door from one of our investigators saying she wanted us to stop by, and the day before her 4year old son had stabbed someone in the eye at school so we thought it was going to be something about her having to pay a lot. we get there and her boyfriend that doesnt really like us answered the door and said "please give her something good tonight, shes crazy". so then she came out and was telling us how she thinks hes gay. she said she has caught him cheating 3 times and she has forgiven him but she cant have him being gay, cuz thats a sin. She proceeded to explain that he was out with the gays doing cocaine all night and all morning, and "what else would he be doing with they gays" (but in spanish). She doesnt want him being gay cuz thats dirty and could get her and her kids sick. She asked me what she should do and i couldnt find words. Elder stubbs handled it well, he said that he didnt care if it was gay straight or whatever, if someone cheated on him they could have a good life because he would leave them. I had no idea what to say. He said it was the weirdest situation of his mission. it is kind of bad because we want to teach her, but we arent her counselors. and her husband doesnt really like us anyways.  I love you.

the Chat:
I asked him what the most difficult and easiest part of missions were, and when he felt the spirit this week.
"it is easy to sleep, hard to do just about everything else, we walk up a lot of hills which is hard. probably harder than expected. waking up is hard. it was cool when one of our investigors said she knows the church is true because of us, the spirit just hit me really hard letting me know the church is true,because if two fools that dont speak the language can show someone its true than it has to be, right?"

Received this on Sunday March 5th:
Koenig family-

My sisters and I are here in Puerto Vallarta on vacation. We had the chance to quickly meet your son at church and wanted to send you a quick picture. He seems happy and is being trained by Elder Stubbs from Provo Utah. He already had some serious Spanish skills for just entering the field!

Happy Sunday!

Kind Regards,
Kate Barlow

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