Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hey momma, whats going on. thanks for all teh updates. I got the package and the food is all super delicious, thanks so much. it was in decent shape. We had our follow up in guaDALAJARA and saw how are training is going and trained us some more. it was suuuuper good, our president is the man. we slept on cardboard so that was luxurious. i havent put up the mosquito net, we had to but a bunch of health stuff for a first aid kid type thing and now i am super poor, so i cant afford tape to put up a mosquito net, i have 200 pesos to live off until the end of the month, hopefully i can learn how to budget because that is like 10 dollars. i have a decent amount of bug bites, they get me in my sleep. the sun is hot, but i havent gotten too burned, theres a lot of shade in our area which is nice. i dont take any health pills. my allergies are fine but i got a head cold this week. we have a couple good investigators. the ward is way nice but i still dont know them super well, plus the ward is ginormous so its hard to get around everywhere. elder jimenez was fun. yesterday we ate with a guy that lived in fernley and knows english fluently and he knows things that dont translate the same from english to spanish and he taught me a ton. i wrote a whole page of notes. i really wish someone had told me some of that stuff 12 weeks ago. ill write you a longer one in a minute, but that should answer all your questions. I love you momma. and happy birthday, sorry i was a little late, last week was rushed, what did you do for your birthday?

This week was definitely the most mexican week so far (in a good way). We went to guadalajara last monday night, and where we stayed didnt have beds but they were accommodating enough to give us cardboard to sleep on, all that did was slide across the ground when i moved during the night and woke me up, so that was neat. the owner didnt pay the water bill for our meter this week,(we think, he says its a problem with the pipes, because he has water, but whatever) so weve been out of water for a bit. the owner set out a hose though, so if we need to dishes or shower or go to the bathroom, you get the joy of going and filling a bucket. showering out of a bucket is fun. not. I ate cow tongue this week and it tasted like normal beef, but it looked like a tongue. i also ate pig brain tamales and those were way good, they wrap them in banana leaves here instead of corn husks. The people that made us the tamales also kill iguanas with a slingshot and eat them, so i got to hold an iguana at their house. (it was alive, they just caught it and let it go because they werent hungry). later on we learned killing iguanas is illegal, so shhhhh. we met with rocio a lot this week and she made us fried shrimp and it was sooo good, she works a lot, she is head chef and works from 10 am to 10 pm so we meet with her in the mornings and she usually makes us breakfast. there is a reason she is head chef. Maria and Marta didnt come to church again, and we spent all week trying to explain why they have to get baptized again, they still dont get it so its frustrating. we contacted all week long, just walking around talking to people, but that gets old. we have been really trying to be guided by the spirit while we contact. we are getting better i think. thats about it. oh, transfer calls were last night, me and elder stubbs are staying together. we also played this game at our follow ups with all the new missionaries and their companions and all the office missionaries so it was like 40 people and i thought it was going to be on the busquejos but it was actually on the reference questions, so i hadnt studied them a single time. they narrowed it down and so everyone got out slowly and everyone was crowded around to watch, then when it got to the final four hermana clayton (presidents wife) made the people clear out so she could see, and elder stubbs is short so he couldnt see who was still in, and when he saw i was still in he was dancing around and freaking out because he knew we hadnt studied them a single time, but i kinda just learned them as the game went and ended up winning 1st, it was so funny, elder stubbs was dying. and then on my trophy paper for winning my name was spelled wrong, i was so mad. but that was fun.

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