Friday, May 26, 2017

May 1,2017

Hey Momma, transfers are this week, I am in manzanillo now, I was pretty not thrilled when i found out i was leaving because I really loved everyone there. There is this old guy named abelino, Maria's father in law, and we teach him and his wife with Maria, they arent members. But abelino has bad legs and walks up this giant hill every day to get home, the hill is so steep kids sit in plastic crates and slide down the hill, and he walks up it every day with two canes, but he is slow getting around so we went and said goodbye to them, and maria wasnt home which sucked, but i said goodbye to martha and just assumed he wasnt home and we left, and when we got to the bottom of the hill he got outside and yelled, "guerro, Dios le bendiga" from the top of the hill which is "white boy, God bless", everyone calls me guerro. But it was really awesome, seemed like a solid end. I am in Manzanillo now, its a super industrial town, its a big port of just docks and giant tankers and cargo ships, its pretty cool. my companion is Elder Ramirez, I feel like im already learning bunches more spanish. Ill let you know more whats going on tomorrow, just letting you know im alive. Also, my shaving cream was in a pressurized can and it exploded in my bag and everything is covered in shaving cream, so thats neat.

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