Friday, May 26, 2017

May 2, 2017

Gerardo doesnt have a family, he lives in a little cabana by the river. There is a member that goes and reads with him and he think he is teaching him apostasy, but at least he reads i guess. Jose did not come to church, and maria is not a member. Rocio had a baptism date but she had to work for 2 weeks without rest so we couldnt go meet with her for 2 weeks and when we went back she had got a new boyfriend that she didnt have 2 weeks ago and they are living together now, and she decided she knows what we teach is true but she doesnt want to do what God wants her to do right now, and she acknowledges it, she told us she isnt going to do what God wants and that she is going to make bad choices. it was rough. Ya, he is from Puebla. Elder Ramirez has been here fpr 3 transfers already. I took a bus 5 hours to guadalajara and another 4 hours to manzanillo. The new house is small, you can only use 1 thing at a time or the breaker trips, we cant use the fan and have the lights on, or use the fan and iron, or iron and have the lights on, weve already tripped the breaker like 9 times, so we are moving this week which will be lame. There is a tiny kitchen and a tiny bedroom, and we study in our bedroom. Also, this weekend was dia de nino, the biggest party so far. why dont we have that in the states? im pretty sure the people here just make up reasons to party. We also met this guy Jose Luis and he is pretty cool, but speaks apostasy by the boatload. He said the reason he found us was so he could teach us the word of God...We also started teaching this kid named Chilili, he lives in Mismaloya, this little colony in Vallarta thats out in the jungle. He is 10 but he has a motor boat that he knows how to drive and tourists pay him to take them out the the arches in the ocean, he has grown up in the water here so he knows all the little secret beaches and stuff hidden in the cliffs, he makes bank, and hes 10. He showed us how he has to put his legs on the side of the boat and use his whole body to move the motor and steer the boat. Manzanillo is fun so far, we havent done much yet, we are over two branches, it should be fun.

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