Friday, May 26, 2017

May 8.2017

Manzanillo is pretty fun, its super hot here, and our house is always a billion degrees and when we try to turn on a fan the breaker trips and we lose our lights. I learned sleeping on the floor is less hot than sleeping on a mattress. not cool, just less hot. We are looking for a new house, the secretaries said we have to move because our house is pretty awful. We looked for a few different houses but the zone leaders havent approved anything so far. There is a whole zone in manzanillo, i think there are 7 companionships here. The branches both had about 30 in attendance. The church is about half an hour away in bus. Elder ramirez speaks a little english, not enough to really communicate though, its easier in spanish. I have learned so much stinking spanish this week, being in vallarta was like shooting myself in both feet as far as the language goes. so far we havent really had any problems. the obedience is mas o menos, we are fairly obedient, just not exactly obedient. i just picked it up. We still get up on time and study and go out and stuff, we just dont work as hard as i would like. We have a couple people we teach, and a bunch of less actives. People here are nice, they are wayyy nicer and way more open with a latino companion, and they always give us food, so thats neat. Having a mexican companion is super cool on that plain, but they all just kinda assume i dont know spanish and ignore me, so thats not my favorite, but not a big deal either, if i wanted i could interject but it doesnt really bother me. I was pretty upset actually about leaving Vallarta, i didnt say goodbye to anyone really. It made me sad when Hermana Vicky was crying. We have an anchor point thing in our house in the ceiling so i hung a rope and have been doing TRX, so i should get pretty swole here in manzanillo. I learned how to make german pancakes in the toaster in vallarta so that was cool, but here we dont have a toaster, so that kinda kills my vibe. We have this one member whose name is chavo and he is a diver and sells fish that he kills with a spear. he's super cool, he decompressed too fast so he has like hydrogen in his joints or something now, so he cant walk very well, but he still dives. Also, there are these kids, like 10 or 15 that hang out in the ocean, theres this little drop off on the side of the road where the water is deep, and if you throw in coins they all dive down and fight for them, its like feeding the ducks but more exciting. also, one day we carried a fridge up a super ginormous hill, and then we carried their old fridge down the same super ginormous hill, that was really hard. People are a lot more open to ask elder Ramirez for service, maybe because hes latino, but i love it because service is my favorite, and elder stubbs wasnt very service oriented. I will pray for Grandpa, I have been praying i get to see him again, but its not looking super likely, huh? for my birthday i want everyone of you guys to write me why/how you know the church is true, and how you came to know that. and also probly money for/ a tablet. Much love. Respond to my chat so we can plan the video call. I love you momma

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