Monday, August 7, 2017

July 10, 2017

I can get just about any food you can get in teh states, but not sour cream, that doesnt exist here, i am a little weary of cooking meat, but ive done it, i just waqnt recipes that dont require lots of seasonings and spices becasue i dont have much of that and its expensive. Meat and fresh produce is really cheap here. I killed my pet parasites and am feeling better now. Just be patient, or something, tell fabiola and rhett that would be awesome. Fish eyes arent that great, the brains taste fine though. My allergies are fine, but i fell down a hill one day and my allergies were acting up. my feet havent stopped hurting for 6 months, but thats life. Tell dad he needs to move more. does he still play basketball? Miracle this week was getting a ton of new people to teach, i am excited. Our area is ginormous so that makes it hard to go see everyone, from one side to the other is about an hour or more direct. It is so hard to cover it all. I am doing good, probly safety is definitely the best prayer topic haha. Your week sounds way rad? On sunday we fasted and then this week we had more new investigators at put more baptismal dates then we did in the whole month of may and june combined (may doesnt really count because we didnt do anything last transfer) I think i am going to stqart fasting every day because it works like magic.  I bought a hammock and made arroz con leche and sit in my hammock and i feel super mexican, i Kinda love mexico. I am not sure if im getting more mature or less patient, but when people email me and tell me about their first world problems they just sound like children and i am half amused half irritated. People have no idea what its like to have problems in their lives, america is like a freaking bubble. Also, in spanish they say "vete a la goma" which means go to hell, but more mild, people say it all the time, but elder pacheco alays tells me "go to hell man" in english when i mess with him, and it sounds a lot harsher in english so i think its so funny. Another saying here is amor apache, which means apache love, which means the more he hits me the more he loves me. So this week we had probably the worst lesson of my whole mission, talking to a less active, her husband is active. us "why did you get baptized" 
her"i have no idea honestly"
us"did you read the book of mormon"
her "nope"
us "why did you let the missionaries in"
Her "my husband brought them"
us "why do you love your husband"
her "i dont"
us "why did you get married"
her "insurance"
us "do you want to be with your daughters forever"
her "these arent my daughters, theyre his from another woman" 
us "do you think the gospel changed your husband"
her "he doesnt hit me as much as he used to"

There was more flow to the lesson, those were just a summary of all the dead ends we hit with her, it was so funny.  I am taking video journals with elder pacheco, you wont understand them, but you will still like them i think.

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