Monday, August 7, 2017

July 17, 2017

Hey momma, things are pretty wild around here, I am still in mexico selling dictionaries, sales were up this week. One day we got to the house of the person that was supposed to feed us, but she forgot and was in colima, so we were walking and all of a sudden a member is shouting elders! and so we go talk to her and she invites us in to eat because mexicans are super cool like that. It was way awesome because the only thing more enjoyable than walking up hills in this heat is walking up hills in this heat on an empty stomach, but luckily we didnt have to do that because the Lord has our back. it was reall neat. Ya, so thursday we were walking around doing missionary stuff and we get a call that they needed me to go to the mission offices in guadalajara which is (on a good day) 5 hours away. But we had to go to Autlan which is 4 hours away first because we had to do a baptismal interview, so we went to autlan and left autlan for guadalajara at a little before 5, which is supposed to be a 4 hour trip, but there was an accident and we didnt get to guadalajara until like 1 in the morning. So that was pretty much way to long on a bus. After that, we went to the offices and i got to see some people i know, and sined a paper so i dont get deported, and i saw elder Koyle, my companion from the CCM, so that was neat. then we went home friday afternoon. Then saturday we helped an inactive member wash windows in her fonda and it was fun because she was listening to english music and i was singing it and they thought it was really funny. Then saturday we had to go to Barra de navidad to sleep so that we could get to autlan for chruch on sunday, because the elder that does the interview has to be at the baptism, so we got up super early to get to autlan. Autlan is in the middle of everything and close to nothing (thats a saying in spanish) its basically a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, but we get there and theres a member and she asks where im from, so i tell her the united states, she says where, i say nevada, she says what part, i say north, she says reno, i say around there, she says what town, i say fallon, so her husband opens his phone and he was texting chip rutledge, like what the heck. This dude apparently was 3rd counselor to hoyt skabelund and is good friends with mister rutledge, and they live in tijuanita the trailer park on the reno highway. How crazy is that? Then on the we home from autlan to Barra it was cool because autlan is super high altitude, and we were up above the clouds and you could see the clouds down in all the valleys which was way cool, but then we entered the clouds and couldnt see anything, and quite conveniently, our bus broke down on the side of the mountain. So today we spent half of our pday on a bus coming home because last night we stayed in Barra de Navidad because we didnt have time to get home on time, so this week was mostly traveling and madness, but it was fun. My clothes are getting pretty thrashed, i sweat so much my pants are always soaked, and the sweat gathers at my knees, not sure why, but the it dries and the salt on my knees gets crunchy, its great, and i sweat through my belt so my belt is soaked and then the dye from my belt stains my shirts. Our branches are...ya, in the last year assistence has dropped more than 60 percent, so we spend a lot of time visiting non members, which is frustrating. Everyone has so many problems and i just want to help them all but i just cant, and somehow they think stopping to go to church is going to help, and they all want to go to church but the just cant for some reason or another and its so frustrating. The members are semi helpful, but the references they give us are all less actives. My favorite family is probably the family of the girl we baptized, Clavel. We have interviews with president tomorrow so ill let you know how that goes. Have a good week. I love you.

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