Monday, August 7, 2017

July 24, 2017

My interview was good, we just talked, He says hi. he asked me what i would change about the mission and i told him i want to play soccer. they just came out with another slew of rules, I feel like im being suffocated by rules. I feel like a good missionary will be a good missionary regardless of all the rules, and if you put more rules on disobedient missionaries they will just be more disobedient because there are just more rules to break. Its kinda frustrating. We cant play sports, we cant play card games, we cant do pretty much anything. Its fine, Im still being obedient, but every month when the leaders meat with president he sends out 20 more rules, if we keep it up im going to have to ask permission to breath. If you send pants send 32 and i cant tighten them with a belt id say. maybe 31 or something. Most fun was idk, just working is fun. Best experience? we got a less active to come to church. she wants to go on a mission but her mom wont let her, so she got discouraged and stopped coming to church, but we got her coming back to church andf hopefully we can get her on a mission. My week was pretty good, not very much happened this week so my email is going to be pretty lame. Transfers were yesterday and Elder Pacheco and I stay the same so thats neat. Elder Rodriguez our zone leader finished his mission friday so his companion was with us for the weekend so that was fun. There is a dude next to me in the ciber right now who is crazy drugged out and he is singing really loud and crying and speaking gibberish and dancing in his seat. He isnt really saying real words but the noises hes making rhyme so i guess he is alright as a rapper. Its kinda freaking me out though. We had a FHE with a family this week and played perudo and i won so its whatever. We walk a lot and meet with tons of less actives. We are updating all the binders so that pretty much just means we walk around looking for addresses that half the time dont exist. The numbers on the houses here have no logic to them, its like 208, 210, 212, 1400, 7, 8, 214,1401. It is really frustrating sometimes. We watched a dog get hit by a car from like 3 feet away, that was pretty not cool. President didnt ask about my neck so we didnt get in trouble, so that was neat. I had a big rugburn from wrestling with the zone leaders. Hermana Clayton asked what happened and i said "funny story actually" and she asked what happened and i froze and in english (elder pacheco doesnt speak english) elder pacheco says "its fine" and for some weird reason Hermana Clayton took that at face value and moved on, so that was neat. Ummm, President thinks I am really quiet, which is weird because I´m never quiet. 

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