Monday, August 7, 2017

July 31, 2017

We ate some shrimp fettucini this week which was pretty delicious. We also ate crab and shrimp soup, but like the little crabs that run around on the rocks, and they just throw them in the soup whole, and they dont take the skin off the shrimp so you just eat it whole and it scratches your throat, but it tastes good. Not much happened this week, speaking spanish is like taking a dump right about now, i dont even have to think about it, it just flows. which is neat as far as the language goes, less neat for my digestive system we found a girl this week, shes like 25 and has 3 kids, and before she got all the lessons and she loves the church, but she couldnt get baptized because she was living in union libre and her boyfriend didnt want to get married. but now her boyfriend left so she can super get baptized, and so can her son, so we are teaching them and its really neat. And her son that is 9 prayed that the light bill and the water bill dont come in too expensive, and that he could be smarter and finish his homework fast so that he could help his mom, and he prayed that his mom could sleep good and that shes not too tired, and it pretty much just melted my corazoncito. We also saw fireflies and it was way super cool. Oh ya, also, we made friends with the kids on the street this week so that was fun, we were going to go visit a lady but we were walking and saw her and walked her home and talked and she was coming from the beach and was in her swimsuit and was all wet, so we left so she could shower and stuff, so then it was like 8:45 and we didnt have any plans, and the kids on the street started talking to us asking us if we have trash because they are poor and gather trash to sell the cans and bottles and whatever we have. So they asked us for our trash and then we were chillin and they were telling us all their nicknames, and my nickname is juevos, because i have an accent and they think its funny when i say juevos, not sure why, and they had trompos so we played trompos for a minute, but then it was almost 9:00 so we had to go inside and so we go in and we always leave the door open, and we are taking our clothes off and were standing there in our underwear and we hear a scream and the next thing we know there are like 11 kids in our house, and mission rules say not even the bishop is allowed in our house, so we started beating them up and they left, and they grabbed our trompos off the table and start playing with out trompos. that was noteworthy. But now were homies with all the kids on the block.

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