Sunday, January 15, 2012

About that responsibility...

Yes, b has three jobs!  I think maybe I should get a job, it almost makes me feel guilty.  She has been working at the district attorneys office four days a week for 12 hours and a work study credit at school.  Two days a week  she works at an after school program for at risk elementary students, and cleaning G's office two times a week.  She stays quite busy!  But I think she loves the freedom money can buy her...I like it too!  Better than that, is that her co-workers like her, and they say she is a good, hard worker.  And of course I remind her to save for college.  She is doing a great job.  If only she could keep a clean room!

Good things:
1.  Hard working people
2.  Saving for a rainy day (or college)
3.  Employment


The Fallon Schank's said...

Impressive! (She looks beautiful in the prom pictures too!) 'Read Davis' article on his Gpa. It was great! He's quite the writer, (and your dad must be quite the man!)

Amy said...

Maybe she wants you to PAY her to clean her room! :-)