Friday, January 6, 2012

HOLY COW, what happened?

A whirlwind happened! A whirlwind of fun.  It all started with k coming home from school and ended with her leaving.  Hmmm, maybe it was just her. 
She arrived home on  a Thursday, and then everyone just kept coming.  We kept three nephews so their parents could celebrate their anniversary. (that was just a quick overnight)  Our friends the Brummetts came that same day with their three children.  And the chaos, I mean party began.  It really worked out perfectly.  The kids are pretty close in age and they all had a great time playing together. We gathered a few friends and went caroling.  That is my must for Christmas every year.  We sang and delivered some goodies to a few homes, and then sang at an assisted living center.  I think they loved it too, and it felt good to share some Christmas spirit.  I think we even sounded pretty good!  The Brummett's made some delicious pizza for us and I can't wait to use the leftover dough they left in our freezer.  Unfortunately, their visit ended with K, B, and I throwing up.  The good news is they were able to make it home without our flu bug.  They left on Monday, leaving me just enough time to get bedding washed and ready for my parents who arrived Tuesday afternoon while G and I were at a wedding at the Reno temple.  That night was two concerts and a reception.  I like it when Mom and Dad come, nothing exciting happens, but it is just nice to visit with them and enjoy their company.  My mom even made me some divinity.  Try as I might, I can never get it to set up.  I am still enjoying it, and thinking of Gramma Rita everytime I have one. 
Then it was Swiss Christmas with friends and K.   She requested we celebrate with her even though we celebrated earlier in the month with family.  Christmas Eve was celebrated with roclette and G's family.  A swiss thing.  You know you are getting old when you can wake up, take a shower, and make a salad for dinner before your children get up on Christmas morning.  What happened to the excitement?  I guess it grew up.  After opening gifts we went to a combined sacrament meeting with all the fallon wards in our stake.  I like going to church on Christmas, it helps me keep focused.  B was thrilled beyond words (that was the sarcasm font) to lead the choir in singing "Away in a Manger."  We had a yummy dinner with just our family (K said that was the first time since she had been home - 10 days.)  B made pazookies for dessert and we were joined by more family.
On Monday, we left for our time share at the hot springs until Saturday.  Lots of relaxing happened.  G and K finished a 2000 piece puzzle.  It was so big, we had to borrow some sheet rock  because it wouldn't fit on the table.  I read books, magazines, crocheted,soaked, watched a few movies, and slept.  I liked it!  We came back on Saturday, and  hosted a New Year's Eve party that night.  K dropped by the airport  to pick up her Christmas gift, a boy named Grayson.  We had a great time playing games that night, and were up way past my bedtime!   Sunday was spent recovering from the late night and a visit  with family and ice cream.  More relaxing came on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday night we watched B cheer for the first time.  A cheerleader in my family?! (sarcasm font)   K left on Wednesday morning at 1:30 am to get to class by noon...silly kids! 
The other kids  go back to school on Tuesday.  I am trying to get myself organized and back on the workout boat.  I think I need a vacation after all that!

Good Things:
1.  being together with family
2.  celebrating Christ
3.  having so much fun a vacation is needed
4. getting a dress form for Christmas - I can't wait to create something


kate said...

Wow you guys have been busy! B did an amazing job on Christmas. She has to be the youngest choir director ever!

mkamye said...

Please tell B that I thought she did a GREAT job with the choir!

Mary said...

So fun. Why was everyone puking on Christmas this year? Miserable. It was fun seeing K.

Kennedy Sue said...

I am still recovering! I just can't seem to catch up on sleep.