Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prom ...again!

Just a few pictures.  B went with her good friend Skye, she said they had a great time, even if her mean parents made her come home early...1:30!  Apparently everyone else stayed the night! What were they thinking?! Yes, again, I am proud she chose her dress wisely and looked more beautiful than ever.  (I will refrain from going on and on, you have already heard it.)  We did a hairdo found on pinterest of course, the waterfall braid.  And no, I didn't make the dress.  She got it from Shade for $25.  Can't make it for that!  She is becoming not only beautiful, but also responsible.  She paid for her fun with money from her three jobs.  I think this girl is going to be ready to be on her own soon.  So proud of her for making really good decisions about prom!  (and other things too)

Good things:
1.  Wise children
2.  Responsible children
3.  Standards to keep us safe

P.S. No, she is not taller than me.  Just 5 inch heels!


Heidi said...

She is an amazing girl with an amazing mom! I love you girls! I will be showing Jadee these pictures and having a lesson on modesty. Thanks, Baylee, for being such a great example.

mkamye said...

B looks so beautiful and grown up. Hard to believe she used to be my little Beehive preisdent! I've been trying to figure out that waterfall braid!

Mary said...

I think you're very generous with curfew. Seriously all night? I had to come home at 12.

Love the dress. I can't believe you found that in a store. I love the shorter length for prom. Fun fun!

kate said...

She looks stunning! Such a great girl!

Ursula said...

Beautiful like always and such a good example. Thanks for teaching her to choose the right and guiding her to become a beautiful young woman, inside and out.